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Peppermint (2018) Review

GARNER SHINES, PEPPERMINT DOES NOT   In the category of the action film genre, there exist a certain style of cinematic narrative that has been proven to work…. the story of revenge. While this storyline premise / plot device has always been around and has done multiple other genres (drama, thriller, comedy, fantasy, etc.), it’s been a somewhat fan-favorite (i.e.

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Love, Simon (2018) Review

EVERYONE DESERVES A GREAT LOVE STORY   As humanity continues evolve from one generation to the next, the idea of a person (male or female) being gay and attracted to an another of the same sex has always been sensitive subject to broach. While there’s no clearly defining reasoning behind it (i.e. some suggesting they were born thinking that way,

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Draft Day Review

THE THRILLS & POLITICS OF THE NFL DRAFT   Of all the various sport films that Hollywood has created over the years, football themed movies have had a few memorable ones worth noting.  These standout cinematic features of pig skinned ball players can range from high school (Friday Night Lights), to college (Rudy), to racial equality (Remember the Titans), to

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