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Archive (2020) Review

GREAT VISUALS IN A SOMEWHAT FORMULAIC A.I. TALE Stories of artificial intelligence have always been at the forefront of science fiction inspired narratives; sparking ideas of revelations and consequences of bringing to life robotic automatons. Bridging futuristic technology and with sometimes philosophical idealism, tales of artificial intelligence showcase the cautionary and mentality takes on such constructs; projecting the existence of

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The Hunt (2020) Review

IT’S NOT A MANOR While various satire endeavors have been commonplace throughout the years and in a variety of media facets for public viewing (i.e. movies, TV shows, comic strips, ads, theatrical stage plays, books, etc.), political satires have emerged as prominent focus source of both the public’s entertainment and scrutiny. This particular style has found to be used with

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The Photograph (2020) Review

A SINCERE YET UNEVEN ROMANCE ENDEAVOR   Tales of romance are truly are a “dime a dozen” within the various narratives of storytelling. Cinematic representation of such constructs has always garnered appeal with the idea of love or rather the idea of finding love in another person has been the quintessential fundamental of storytelling. While some narratives of such romances

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Hamilton (2020) Review

IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED   Broadway. The name was literally becoming iconic within many shows and productions that have come and gone; gracing their names, star-studded performances, famous musical songs on the mainstage for all to see and producing memorable hits throughout the decades. Through the years, musical Broadway productions and shows have showcased the theatrical arts in

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