The Secret Life of Pets Trailer

You’ll never look at your animal the same way in the new trailer for The Secret Life of Pets. View trailer below.

Inside of a Manhattan apartment building, a jack russel terrier named Max starts to get neglected as a favorite pet when his owner Katie presents a sloppy mongrel named Duke, who was rescued from the dog pound. But unfortunately, they have to put their quarrels behind when an adorable white rabbit named Snowball, and his army of abandoned pets who call themselves the “Flushed Pets” – launch a criminal conspiracy to exact retaliation on all happily-owned pets and their owners.

Following the last “teaser” trailer that debuted a week before, this new trailer reveals the more central “plot” of the animated tale. Whether the movie will be good or not, is still debatable. However, the trailer looks to be good with some good voice acting.

Max’s new roommate…Duke

Discover The Secret Life of Pets when it opens in theaters on July 8th, 2016

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