The Divergent Series: Allegiant Teaser Trailer

Go beyond the wall in the teaser trailer for upcoming big-screen adaptation of The Divergent Series: Allegiant. View trailer below.

After the Earth-shattering revelations of Insurgent, Allegiant’s Tris (Woodley) must escape with Four (James) beyond the Wall that encircles Chicago to finally discover the shocking truth of what lies behind it.

If you haven’t already heard, Allegiant (the third novel in author Veronica Roth Divergent series) is to be split into two feature films with Allegiant (acting as Part 1) and its counterpart Ascendant (acting as Part 2) coming out the following year to close the theatrical series out. Given my review for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 as been a lackluster endeavor, I have a strange feeling that Allegiant is going to follow that same pattern, stretching its source material out with the movie acting more like a humdrum prelude to the grandiose finale. Hopefully, I’m wrong.


The Divergent Series: Allegiant heads to theaters next spring on March 18th, 2016.

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