Zoolander 2 Teaser Trailer

Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander is back in the teaser trailer for Zoolander 2 (or is it Zoolander II or 2oolander). View trailer below.

While Paramount Pictures hasn’t released an official plot details have been released yet, but this comedy sequel to the original Zoolander also stars Owen Wilson as Hansel, Will Ferrell as Mugatu and Christine Taylor as Matilda Jeffries, who married Derek Zoolander at the end of 2001’s Zoolander. New cast members include Penélope Cruz, Cyrus Arnold as Derek’s son, Billy Zane, Fred Armisen, Kyle Mooney, Kristen Wiig, Olivia Munn and international pop star Justin Bieber. Production on Zoolander 2 started this April in Rome.

While the trailer doesn’t really show any real kind of footage from the actual movie, it does give us a returning (and hilariously idiotic) Derek Zoolander who puzzled by the movie’s title. I thought the first Zoolander was funny, so I’m hoping that this sequel will be as funny as the original one was. Only time (and new trailer) will tell.

“If God exists then why did he make ugly people?”

Zoolander 2 comes to theater next year on February 12th, 2016.

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