Pan Teaser Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled the teaser trailer for the upcoming fantasy adventure film titled Pan. View trailer below.

Offering a new take on the origin of the classic characters created by J.M. Barrie, the action adventure follows the story of an orphan who is spirited away to the magical land Neverland. There, he find both fun and dangers, and ultimately discovers his destiny-to-become the hero who will forever be known as Peter Pan.

While I do like this trailer (music and all) and how it offers a new take to some J.M. Barrie’s beloved Peter Pan characters, I do not like how Hugh Jackman looks as Blackbeard; sort of creepy with all that weird make-up on him. Regardless, this is a movie that has potential, steering away from a “dark” approach with more childish fantasy one with its vibrant colors and soaring flights of fancy, one befitting its imaginative source material. Unfortunately, as of April 20th, 2015, Warner Bros. Pictures have officially moved the release date of Pan from July 2015 to October 2015. Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to reach Neverland.

“Second star on the right and straight on till morning!!!”

Pan flies into theaters on October 9th, 2015.

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