• Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) Review

    THESE ARE TROUBLED TIMES (AND THE LAST KNIGHT PROVES THAT)   Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise has been many things, including loud, boisterous, silly, excessive, slightly racist / stereotyping, nonsensical, mind-numbing

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  • Band-Aid (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

    ZOE LISTER JONES’S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT: “BAND-AID” IS LIGHT, BREEZY AND A LOT OF FUN TOO! Intro: “Band-Aid” was another audience favorite at Sundance this year and so naturally, it was

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  • 47 Meters Down (2017) Review

    NOT DEEP ENOUGH   Sharks. There’s something about them that both terrifies and fascinates a person’s mind about this carnivorous sea creatures. From their outward appearance and portrayal in both

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  • Wakefield (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

    BRYAN CRANSTON DELIVERS ANOTHER GREAT PERFOMANCE IN THIS THOUGHT-PROVOKING, POETIC AND REALLY ENGAGING DRAMA Intro: After witnessing the absolute masterpiece which was: “Breaking Bad” – I’ll gladly watch any film

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Alien: Convenant (2017) Review



Back in 2012, director Ridley Scott returned to the Alien franchise with the film Prometheus. Set as a prequel installment to his 1979’s iconic Alien movie, Prometheus followed the story of the crew of the spaceship Prometheus and their expeditionary adventure to LV-223, a far-off distant moon that, through a shared connection in various ancient civilizations on Earth, are believed to be the home of humanity’s creators (or Engineers). Unfortunately, horrific dangers and hidden agendas waiting them on LV-223, with the movie’s final shot showing a very primitive-looking Xenomorph alien (the iconic alien from the Alien franchise). While Prometheus did make its money back at the box office, gaining $405 million against its $130 production budget, the movie was faced with heavy scrutiny and criticism from critics, fans, and moviegoers, finding this prequel chapter to be riddled with problems. Now, after five years since Prometheus’s release, 20th Century Fox and director Ridley Scott return back to Alien franchise with the film titled Alien: Covenant. Is this newest prequel stronger than Prometheus or does it fall into the same problematic chasm of its predecessor? Read more

Valerian Final Trailer

Agents Valerian and Laureline undergo and dangerous mission to save Alpha as STX Entertainment and Europa release the newest trailer for Luc Besson’s sci-fi adventure Valerian (or its full title Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets). View trailer below. Read more

Snatched (2017) Review



Back in 2015, female stand-up comedian Amy Schumer made her starring lead role debut in the comedy film Trainwreck. With the screenplay written by her and guided by well-known raunchy comedy director Judd Apatow, Trainwreck was a standout comedy film of 2015, especially in Schumer’s performance, which found her to be hilarious and heartbreaking as well as demonstrating the acting range. In addition, Schumer was surrounded by Trainwreck’s supporting cast members, including Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton, Colin Quinn, Brie Larson, and several others in either comedy and / or slightly comedy-drama performances. In the end, Trainwreck, while not an ultra-smash hit at the box office that year, did make its money back; grossing roughly $140 million against its production budget of $35 million. After Trainwreck, Schumer returned to stand-up comedy gigs, briefly making appearances on TV commercials and doing voicework in several animated television shows. Now, after two years, 20th Century Fox and director Jonathan Levine help bring comedian Amy Schumer back to the big screen with the movie Snatched. With a two-year gap between this movie and Trainwreck, does Schumer’s raunchy comedic timing still ring true or has the current moviegoer audience lost an interest in her? Read more

How to be a Latin Lover (2017) Review



Who doesn’t love to laugh? The laughable (and bankable) takes on comedic levity as transcend itself on many different platforms from cartoon strips, to stand-up comedy, to television sitcoms, to quirky novels, and everything else in-between. As many would summarize, Hollywood (or rather motion pictures in general) is no strangers towards producing comedy feature films and with a variety of style to choose from, including dark comedies, quirk comedies, R-rated raunchy comedies, and so on. This film genre as even crossed over into other movie genres, including romantic comedies (rom-coms), action comedies, and even horror comedies. Now, as the 2017 movies continue to roll out, Pantelion Films (as well as Liongate) and director Ken Marino present the newest comedy endeavor with the film How to be a Latin Lover. Does this comedy find its “comedic” groove (and “Latin sex appeal”) or is it a generic and humorless feature? Read more

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