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Underwater (2020) Review

A SUSPENSEFUL, YET SHALLOW AND FORGETTABLE THRILLER   What lurks within the ocean’s darkest depth? It’s question that’s been posed many times; adding a layer of mystery, intrigue, and a bit of fearfulness into what menacing sea creatures that dwell within the darkest depths of underwater realm. What’s even more scarier to imagine is actually venturing down into the murky

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Jason Bourne Review

THE BOURNE FAMILIARITY   Whether you love them or hate them, the Bourne movies represent the dramatic gritty realism of the action genre (compared the heavy usage of CGI) and the cinematic “gray” handling of international espionage. Deriving from the works of author Robert Ludlum, the films (in a nutshell) follow the character of Jason Bourne, a rogue CIA assassin

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