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80 for Brady (2023) Review

OF FRIENDSHIP, FOOTBALL, AND TOM BRADY   Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr….is known to the sports world by another name…. Tom Brady, earning a highly coveted position amongst the National Football league and has earned the respected title of G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) within American Football. Drafted into the league in 2000, Brady was the 199th overall pick (earning

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review

YOUR MISSION (IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT) Based off of the old television show, Mission Impossible movie franchise began its cinematic journey back in 1996 with its first entry and introducing the spy riddled world of character Ethan Hunt (played by actor Tom Cruise) to moviegoers everywhere. While its first entry was deemed a success, its two sequels 2000’s

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Ted 2 Review

MACFARLANE’S SEQUEL IS FUNNY, BUT IS OVERSTUFFED AND UNECESSARY Duplicating a hit is hard. In terms of a cinematic feature films, creating a movie sequel to a hit is harder. Back in 2012, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane presented moviegoers with the raunchy comedy movie Ted, a film that followed the R-rated misadventures of a magical talking teddy bear (Ted) and

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