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The One and Only Ivan (2020) Review

AND DONโ€™T YOU EVER FORGET IT!   With the rise of the streaming services, viewers have turned their attention a wide variety of selections, with Netflix, Hulu, and AppleTV+, and several other all clamoring for users to click onto their streaming sites (i.e. binge). Favorite movies, popular TV shows, and original content are common place and have become the main

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Me Before You Review

TO LIVE BOLDLY   Since time immemorial in the cinematic world of movies, the romance genre has grown and flourished, engaging audiences and viewers with sweeping narratives of all things about love and the tender matters of the heart. Whether star-crossed lovers, reconnected childhood sweethearts, or the โ€œfated chanceโ€ meeting of two individuals, romantic movies have span the ageless tapestry

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