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Kelce (2023) Review

THE MEASURE (AND HEART) OF A MAN   No matter if your enthusiastic sports fan or just a causal spectator, the appeal and overall allure of a sports movie is quite palpable. The compounded nature of filmmaking cinematics against the humans achieving remarkable feats against the vast amount of struggles, pressure, and adversity, usually ending with, if not least inspiring,

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The Way Back (2020) Review

A FAMILIAR, YET POIGNANT SPORTS DRAMA   Sports movies are a “dime a dozen”, but have plenty to offer in the way of entertaining and enticing viewers within their respective narratives. These particular types of motion pictures focus on a sport / sporting event and athlete / team that participate in said event for significant degree in their personal journey

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Ford v Ferrari (2019) Review

GO AHEAD, CARROLL. GO TO WAR!   Over the years, director James Mangold has done the “director’s round robin” in the Hollywood circulate of filmmaking. While he hasn’t exactly been “Pidgeon hold” to a particular style of genre, Mangold has certainly proven himself to be a very versatile director with several of his feature productions; dabbling in the realms of

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