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Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Review



In 2012, Disney, after coming off the success of 2010’s Tangled and the mediocre release of 2011’s Winnie the Pooh, released their 52nd animated feature film titled Wreck-It Ralph. Directed by Rich Moore, the film, which starred the voice talents of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, and Alan Tudyk, tells the story of Ralph, a video game villain, who rebels against his “bad guy” preset role and dreams of being the “hero of the game”; setting in motion an adventure of discovering more about himself and the lives of others around him. Filled with colorful characters and classic video game arcade nostalgia, Wreck-It Ralph was critical and commercial success, with the feature grossing $471 million at the box office (against its $165 million production budget. Along with its monetary success, the movie won an Annie Award for Best Animated Feature as well as received nominations for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards for Best Lively Feature. Given how well-received the movie was, it was almost a forgone conclusion that a sequel would materialize on the horizon. Unfortunately, Disney then proceeded to produce other animated features following Wreck-It Ralph’s release, including Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and Moana. Now, six years after its release, Walt Disney studios and directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston presents the long-awaited sequel to Wreck-It Ralph with Disney’s 57th animated feature Ralph Breaks the Internet (originally titled Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2). Does this second installment find its “connection” with its users (moviegoers) or does it get lost within its own digital database of internet / social media nuances? Read more

Zootopia Review



The Walt Disney Animated Studios has produced some colorful and timeless tales, each one carrying its own signature. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Jungle Book to The Lion King to Frozen, these movies have transcended the animation genre, producing memorable stories of appealing characters, memorable conflicts, and a dazzling array of colorful animation (with almost each one different from the other). In short, the Walt Disney Animated Studio has endured the eras of movies as millions of people (young or old) has experience the joy and love of Disney’s cannon lore of animated movies. With the box success of their last film (2014’s Big Hero 6), the Walt Disney Animated Studio is now ready to debut their next animated feature (#55 in their illustrious catalogue) with the film Zootopia. Does this newest movie stand tall and proud in Disney’s library or is it a cartoon flop?

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