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Little (2019) Review

BIG IDEAS, LITTLE VALUE   The idea of individuals “switch places” has been commonplace theme throughout the years of filmmaking. This can be a combination of trading lifestyles (Trading Places), a physical altering change (Big, 13 Going on 30, and Seventeen Again), or even a sort of switching bodies with another individual (Freaky Friday and Wish Upon a Star). As

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Shaft (2019) Review

CAN’T REALLY DIG IT   In 1971, the movie Shaft was released, an action crime feature endeavor that quickly became quite popular during its release as well as giving birth to the iconic character. Directed by Gordon Parks, the movie, which was adapted from Ernest Tidyman and starred the talents of Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn, and Charles Cioffi, centered around

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Girls Trip (2017) Review

DEFINITELY WORTH THE TRIP   As we reach the end of July (in the year of 2017), the films being released this year have been hit or miss, with some being poignant, profitable, and well-received, while others have been dismal, shallow, and flat out box office bombs. And that doesn’t count all the other movies that fall in-between these two

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