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Mulan (2020) Review

A REMAKE THAT BRINGS “HONOR” TO ITS ANIMATED CLASSIC   In 1998, after the success of 1997’s Hercules, Walt Disney Studios released Mulan, their 36th animated feature film to moviegoers during the summertime. Directed by Barry Cook and Tony Bandcroft, the film, which starred the vocal talents of Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, BD Wong, and James Hong, takes place in

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The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017) Review

A MILD, BUT STILL A POIGNANT HOLOCAUST FEATURE   From victories, hardships, and atrocities, the historical references of World War II have been well-documented, weaving the tales of thousands into an intricate tapestry of war. From the Europe to the islands of the Pacific Ocean, WWII in encompass many nations that faced violence of war on both the battlefield as

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McFarland, USA Review

FORMULAIC AND PREDICTABLE, BUT STILL HEARTWARMING Seasoned actor Kevin Costner has done plethora of movies over the years, recognizing his roles from wide variety of film genres, whether good or bad. Costner seems to have a special affinity towards sport themed movies, offering his talent in such features as Field of Dreams (Baseball), Tin Cup, (Golf), and last year’s Draft

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