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X-Men: Days of Future Past Review



The X-Men movie franchise has had its ups and down since it began back in 2000. The first film (X-Men) was really good, the second film (X2: X-Men United) proved superior (probably so far in the series), while the third film (X-Men: The Last Stand) was ambitious with an interesting story, but ultimately wasn’t properly executed well. This is then followed by 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a film showcasing the origins of the iconic mutant from the franchise, which was met with mostly negative criticism by viewers; leaving the future of the franchise in limbo. It wasn’t until 2011’s X-Men’s First Class came around and reinvigorated audiences with mutants, which was then followed by 2013’s The Wolverine; both films were met with mostly positive reviews, but still not better than the first two installments. With the franchise back on its feet, the seventh X-Men film debuts this summer titled X-Men: Days of Future Past. Is this latest installment destined to become the best of its cinematic franchise or has the film’s blockbuster hype fail to deliver all that was promised? Read more

Dark Places Review


Last year, director David Fincher released the movie Gone Girl, a book to screen adapation from author Gillian Flynn. Moviegoers everywhere followed the story Nick Dunne as he pieced together the disappearance of his wife Amy, while also trying to clear his name of being the prime suspect in his missing wife’s case. With a budget of only $61 million, Gone Girl claimed over $360 million at the box office (a pretty impressive number), received praise from critics and fans alike, and went on to receive several nominations this past award season, including best actress for Rosamund Pike. Now, a year later, A24 studios, the film company behind While We’re Young and Ex Machina, presents the next adapation of a Gillian Flynn’s novel with the film Dark Places. Can this movie measure up to the praise of last year’s Gone Girl or is it a movie that fails to impress? Read more

Mad Max: Fury Road Review


The Mad Max films have been around for years with its first installment (Mad Max) debuting back in 1979, introducing viewers to anarchy-filled world and to Max Rockatansky, a man of few words and a man of action. Mad Max grew with popularity, spawning two sequels with 1981’s Mad Max: Road Warrior and 1985’s Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. With the conclusion of Beyond Thunderdome, the Mad Max films, like its lone wolf protagonist, disappeared with no plans of future installments. That was until now. It’s been thirty years since the last Mad Max feature as Warner Bros. Studios has debuts the newest entry titled Mad Max: Fury Road. Is the world ready for Max’s return to the silver screen or has a lengthy gap between third and fourth installment stinted the road warrior’s appeal? Read more