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Gran Turismo (2023) Review

A SOLID “UNDERDOG” TALE THAT RACES TO THE FINISH   Adaptations of popular video games continues to be a hot commodity with studios and moviegoers alike, spreading to the masses in translating what made gamers hyped up and bringing it to both the big and small screen. While there have been many projects that have made the jump from “console

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Elysium Review

BETWEEN HEAVEN (ELYSIUM) AND EARTH   Back in 2009, the movies that hit the theaters in the summertime were of a mixed variety from the rousing success of the new Star Trek film to the disappointing flop of Terminator Salvation. That very same summer, Neil Blomkamp made his directorial debut with the sci-fi sleeper film called District 9. It was

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Chappie Review

BLOMKAMP’S CHAPPIE FINDS HEART, BUT NO ANSWERS Film director Neil Blomkamp has taken an interest with the science fiction genre with an appetite for delving into fundamental social / humanism issues. This marriage between the two has cultivated two unique and very distinct feature films that began with District 9 in 2009 (which was nominated for an academy award for

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