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Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) Review

THE WAY OF WATER HAS NO BEGINNING OR END…   In 2009, with large blockbuster endeavors exploding into movie theaters throughout the year, including Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Fast & Furious, and Terminator: Salvation, 20th the year closed out with the release of Avatar, an ambitious sci-fi blockbuster that set the bar high for visual effect storytelling.

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Strange World (2022) Review

COLORFUL AND VIBRANT, YET NOT EXACTLY A MEMORABLE HIT   Walt Disney’s animated feature films have always been a hot commodity with its viewers as well as its theatrical box office success. For more than two decades, the animated powerhouse studio has been both reinventing itself and looking back to its glory days, harkening to a time when their cartoon

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She Said (2022) Review

“WILL YOU GO ON THE RECORD?”   As many theatrical feature film endeavors have delved into fictional arena to find its narrative storytelling, others have taken strides into the more “real world”, with various accounts (albeit through a cinematic filmmaking lens) of depicting / examining lives and events of world and how sometimes the truth (the real truth) comes to

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Bullet Train (2022) Review

CHAOTIC ACTION RANDOMNESS   Director David Letich has bult a special niche career for full-throttle action motion pictures, finding hardcore (and sometimes relentless) chaotic thrills and bloody violence engaging enough for a non-stop cinematic treatment. First appearing in the major mainstream movie realm on the 2014 film John Wick (of which he co-directed with Chad Stahelski), Letich proved that his

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Troll (2022) Review

NORWEGIAN FOLKLORE MEETS GODZILLA STYLE MAYHEM   There have been many myths and folklore that have been passed throughout the centuries, drumming the identity of a wide variety of commonplace of fairy tale creatures, including witches, dragons, dwarves, tricksters, and countless other mythical beings of legend. The creatures known as Trolls are amongst the collective of fantasy creatures, with most

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The Lost City (2022) Review

A FLAWED AND CLUNKY, YET AMUSING ROMANTIC ACTION-ADVENTURE   While the blending of different genres is now commonplace (and has been for quite some time), the merging of romance and action has become a popular one to fall back on for cinematic storytelling. There’s nothing like the marriage between the action-adventures heroics and dangers to drive up the sexual tension

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