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Spencer (2021) Review

A POWERFUL (YET FLAWED) CHARACTER STUDY   Over the last century, the Windsor British royal family has become one of the most famous and influential European monarchies; enduring the changing of political climate and the advancement of society, while always showing the real mystique and alluring nature of royalty of sovereign nation. The story of Diana Spencer, the once Princess

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Underwater (2020) Review

A SUSPENSEFUL, YET SHALLOW AND FORGETTABLE THRILLER   What lurks within the ocean’s darkest depth? It’s question that’s been posed many times; adding a layer of mystery, intrigue, and a bit of fearfulness into what menacing sea creatures that dwell within the darkest depths of underwater realm. What’s even more scarier to imagine is actually venturing down into the murky

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Charlie’s Angels (2019) Review

AN UNINSPIRING (AND UNWANTED) REBOOT   Back in the mid-70s, ABC ran the television series Charlie’s Angels, an American crime drama show that followed under the premise of a wealthy mystery man named Charlie, who runs a detective agency via a speaker phone and his personal assistant, John Bosley. His detective were three beautiful women, who end up in a

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Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk Review

AN EXPERIMENTAL AND NOBLE MISFIRE   During most sporting events (at least in the United States, which is where I’m from), the stadium honors those who serves in our armed services (current, veterans, etc.) from all military branches with spectators given a standing ovation to “pay their respects” to duty. It’s an interesting notion, one that’s respectful for their bravery

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