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Cyrano (2022) Review (650th Review)

AND I LOVED MY PRIDE!   Director Joe Wright has always gravitated towards doing historical period pieces for his film projects, letting the setting and era speak for itself within the cinematic backdrop and finding a complimenting rhythm in the period piece. Whether guided towards historical events or just the thrill of doing a costumed drama, Wright has brought several

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The Hight Note (2020) Review

A PREDICTABLE YET “COMFORT FOOD” DRAMEDY   The music industry is a tough business….to say the least. The “rise to stardom” has always been a coveted event for many aspiring talents from on-stage musician / singers to “behind the scenes” music producers. Unfortunately, the road to fame and glory has always been riddled with setbacks and challenges, which can come

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It Comes at Night (2017) Review

A MISLABLED AND POSSIBLY FRUSTRATING SUSPENSE HORROR   While Hollywood Studios such as Warner. Bros, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Universal, usually churn out big-budgeted and / or big named feature films every year, A24, a smaller film production company, has been flying underneath the radar for several years, producing some hidden films. Originally named A24 (before becoming just A24),

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