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Shotgun Wedding (2023) Review

A “BULLET TO THE BRAIN” ROMANTIC COMEDY FLOP   Within the realm of romantic comedies endeavors, a special little “niche” has been curated over the past several decades in the form of narratives of this genre’s presentation and tone in drumming those classic “rom com” feelings that surround a wedding marriage. Naturally, wedding movies, much like romantic comedies, are over-the-top

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Marry Me (2022) Review

A SWEET, PREDICTABLE, AND SURREAL COMFORT WATCH With Hollywood studios investing money in big-budgeted tentpole features or in smaller scale artistic films (ones that are worthy of Oscar / award nominations), the subgenre of romantic comedies is left somewhere in the middle of those two extreme juggernaut film genres. Naturally, romantic comedies movies, which are both a subgenre to both

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Home Review

DREAMWORKS’S NEWEST ANIMATION CAN NOT FIND ITS WAY HOME Beginning with Shrek in 2004, DreamWorks Animation SKG rose fast to be one of the primary animated film studios (surpassing Disney animated features and seconded to Disney’s animated partner Pixar Studios). Recently, however, the studio has hit a rough patch with recent animated tales such as Rise of the Guardians, Turbo,

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