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The Photograph (2020) Review

A SINCERE YET UNEVEN ROMANCE ENDEAVOR   Tales of romance are truly are a “dime a dozen” within the various narratives of storytelling. Cinematic representation of such constructs has always garnered appeal with the idea of love or rather the idea of finding love in another person has been the quintessential fundamental of storytelling. While some narratives of such romances

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The Lovebirds (2020) Review)

A MIDDLING PROJECT THAT’S BETTER ON PAPER A directing career that hasn’t seeing massive hit in quite some time, film director Michael Showalter spent the past couple of years in rather middling projects as a writer, producer, and actor. However, Showalter struck a unique opportunity when he directed The Big Sick, a romantic comedy film, in 2017. The film, which

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Little (2019) Review

BIG IDEAS, LITTLE VALUE   The idea of individuals “switch places” has been commonplace theme throughout the years of filmmaking. This can be a combination of trading lifestyles (Trading Places), a physical altering change (Big, 13 Going on 30, and Seventeen Again), or even a sort of switching bodies with another individual (Freaky Friday and Wish Upon a Star). As

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