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Leap! (2017) Review

POTENTIALLY GOOD, BUT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY   Its nearing the end of August (when I’m writing this review) and the 2017 summer at the movies seems to be winding down. As to expected, this seasonal timeframe saw a lot of ups and downs in the way of box office / critical success within all the movies being released. Within the

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Live by Night Review

AMBITIOUS AND INTRIGUING, BUT NOT WELL-ROUNDED   American author Dennis Lehane has worn many hats over the years, partaking in various media outlets in his creative works. Debuting his first novel (A Drink Before the War) in 1994, Lehane then continued to write, producing several successful novels, with some a part of a series and some standalone stories. While critics

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Maleficent Review

NOT EXACTLY ONCE UPON A DREAM   (One of my old reviews from my previous movie blog) Over the last several years, a resurgence of fairy tales stories has caught the stardust eyes of Hollywood with studios reimaging these classic tales into feature films. 2010’s Alice in Wonderland was the first, presenting a sequel to the original Lewis Carroll classic.

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