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Charlie’s Angels (2019) Review

AN UNINSPIRING (AND UNWANTED) REBOOT   Back in the mid-70s, ABC ran the television series Charlie’s Angels, an American crime drama show that followed under the premise of a wealthy mystery man named Charlie, who runs a detective agency via a speaker phone and his personal assistant, John Bosley. His detective were three beautiful women, who end up in a

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Brightburn (2019) Review

EVIL HAS FOUND ITS SUPERHERO   The idea of superheroes has always been a point of fascination with comic books lovers, examining the many lives of fictional comic book creations through either gadgets and robotic mechanics or endowed with superhuman abilities from experimentations or gifted from birth. What’s become more apparent (over the years) is with these comic book superheroes

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Power Rangers (2017) Review

FANS…. IT’S MORPHIN TIME!   Two words…Power Rangers. Created by Saban Entertainment and deriving from the Japanese tokusatsu called Super Sentai, Power Rangers first appeared on the air back on August 28th, 1993, with a show’s first incarnation titled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In a nutshell (and a set formula for the future installments), the show follows several youthful teenagers,

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