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My Salinger Year (2021)

THE DEVIL READS SALINGER   The literary world is filled with plenty of famous authors that have gone on to cultivate a mass following with their works; becoming classic within their own right and touching the lives of many individuals and many generations around the world. Of course, the inane quirks and obscure facts are many of them adds an

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Noah Review

A BOLD AND FANTASTICAL APPROACH TO A BIBLICAL TALE The Bible has a hefty wealth of tales residing within its pages. Stories of caution, faith, moral ambiguity, and a great host of other various accounts are chronicled with immense details that have resounded from one generation to another. So, considering the gravitas and poignancy of such tales, Hollywood as taken up

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Jupiter Ascending Review

THE DUALITY OF JUPITER ASCENDING The Wachowski siblings Andy and Lana (formerly Larry) have made a name for themselves as directors, screenwriters, and producers (usually all three when creating a feature film). While the 1996’s film Bound was their directorial debut, it wasn’t until their sophomore movie The Matrix came out in 1999 and catapulted the duo towards notoriety and

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