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The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2018) Review

A LACKLUSTER CONTINUATIION / REBOOT INSTALLMENT The world Steig Larsson’s literary crime series Millennium universe (originally dubbed the “The Millennium trilogy”) has fascinated million of readers around the world, with each installment becoming a “must read” bestseller. Thus, given the fascination and allure of this international crime novel series, it was almost a forgone conclusion that a movie adaptation of

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First Man (2018) Review

AN EPIC AND INTIMATE CINEMATIC ENDEAVOR   While film director Damien Chazelle drew critical praise (and awards) for his 2014 sophomore movie Whiplash, he took the cinematic film world by storm in 2016, with the release of La La Land, a musical feature that was similar to the old classic Hollywood musical of yesteryear. The film, which starred actor Ryan

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