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I Still Believe (2020) Review

HEARTFELT & SINCERE, BUT TOO FAMILIAR & CHEESY   With dozens of films genre being released each year, a typical one that gets overlooked by the more popular ones (action, drama, comedy, animation, etc.) is the subgenre category of religious movie. These films (sometimes called โ€œfaith-basedโ€ features) usually center around the struggles and ideas of a person (or groups) identity

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Indivisible (2018) Review

A STRONG AND SINCEREย  FAITH-BASED DRAMA   In the world of cinematic movies, films about war (and therein the military) are never subtle pieces, finding most to be steeped in gritty action and / or a barrage of realism. The affects of war from both soldiers and its casualties are also instrumental aspects in these movies as well, showcasing the

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The Star (2017) Review

THE OTHER SIDE TO THE NATIVITY STORY   Within the bountiful religious tales of Christianity, no tale is more well-known, celebrated, and as poignant than the tale of the birth of Jesus Christ. Called by other names, including the Nativity Story, the First Noel, the Holy Night, etc, this paramount tale in all of Christendom tells of how Mary of

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