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Gifted (2017) Review




Actor Chris Evans started out down the standard path of a acting career by performing in school production and community theater as well as attending a college institute to enhance his acting talents. Eventually, while he started in several smaller projects, including Not Another Teen Movie and The Perfect Score, Evans began to make a mark for himself with the 2004 film Cellular, which was then followed his role as Johnny Storms (aka “Human Torch) in 2005’s Fantastic Four; a time when superhero movies were just starting to brought into mainstream pop culture, From there, Evans did more projects, becoming a more widely known in Hollywood as his next really big milestone came when he took up the mantle of portraying Marvel’s Steve Rogers (Captain America) in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, a big break, which scored him a multi-film contract deal with Marvel’s growing cinematic universe. As a fun fact of sort, Evans is the only actor who has played four comic book / graphic novel characters (i.e. Steve Rogers in the MCU movies, Johnny Storm in 2005’s Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel, Jensen from 2010’s The Losers, and Lucas Lee from 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). Despite his involvement in the comic book film adaptions, Evans still has time for non-superhero movies, including the fan-favorite 2013 film Snowpiecer. Evans as even wanted to gone behind the camera with the 2014 film Before We Go, which he made his directorial debut and starred in the feature as well. Now, Evans moves to look beyond the role of his recent superhero performance as Captain America, as Fox Searchlight Pictures and director Marc Webb present the film Gifted. Does Evans have the acting chops to make the jump to this more smaller scale indie film or will he forever be typecast as a superhero star and nothing more? Read more

Captain America: Civil War Review



Throughout the years the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown into a dominating force, seizing lucrative opportunities at the box-office as well as establishing its cannon of superheroes in its cinematic universe. Since Iron Man back in 2008, Marvel Studios has given millions of its fans and moviegoers, incredible and imaginative blockbuster stories of good and evil, but has given us (the viewers) characters that are well-rounded, who are more than just simple caricatures from the comic books, but ones that are fully realized in a creative and theatrical way. Dozens of iconic characters have graced the screen (Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, The Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.) as all of these characters have detailed and intricate backstories within their own solo movies, with some coming together in superhero team movies (i.e. The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron). Of these characters, two have striking leadership qualities and constantly at odd with each other (ideology-wise). Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is constantly measuring himself against his father’s legacy and finding himself at the epicenter of chaos and destruction, while Chris Evans’s Steve Rogers has steadfast belief of right and wrong and battling against the politics and the needs of an ever-changing modern society. Now, at the beginning of the 2016 summer season at the movies, the sparks ignite between the two titular heroes with the highly anticipated movie Captain America: Civil War. Is this truly the “best summer blockbuster movie ever made” (as some are calling it) or has the inherit hype of it all blown this Marvel feature way out of proportion? Read more

Captain America: The First Avenger Review



Yes, it’s almost here. The start of Marvel’s Phase III saga in their cinematic universe is about to begin very soon, beginning with Captain America: Civil War. With a lot of inherit hype to the project, expectations for this movie are through the roof. That being said, before venturing off to see Civil War and declaring your side (Captain America or Iron Man), let’s go back and review Steve Roger’s first cinematic adventure (before he became “the man out of time”) with the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. Was it a Marvel origin story worth doing or what is a hodgepodge of being superhero aesthetics with a WWII backdrop? Read more

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review


Captain America: The First Avenger debuted back in July of 2011 and was met with critical success. This adventure during World War II told the story of Steve Roger’s origins; becomes the first “Super Soldier” and his battle against the vile Red Skull and his Nazi-like faction Hydra. Grossing over 370 million at the worldwide box office, the film carried an inherit hype; acting as a precursor to mega blockbuster hit Marvel’s The Avengers that following year with actor Chris Evans reprising his role of the patriotic Captain America. Now Cap’s sequel is here and ready to face a new illusive threat in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Is this sequel the best movie to date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or has time officially run out for the infamous “Man Out of Time” avenger? Read more

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review



In the beginning of summer 2012, Marvel unleashed the unprecedented superhero team up with blockbuster film The Avengers. This collaboration of comic book heroes (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, etc) was a first by movie standers, demonstrating an ambitious and experimental gamble by the studio heads at Marvel. The gamble, however, played off in a monumental way as The Avengers became the highest grossing movie (both domestic and worldwide) of 2012 with a hefty $1.5 billion in revenue. The movie also paved the way for Marvel to continue its MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), expanding the franchise into new avenues with new movies, two TV shows, and whole slew of products and toys. Now, three years later, the summer of 2015 is about to beginning and kicks off triumphantly with the return of Earth’s mightiest heroes in the blockbuster sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. Can this reassemblage of superheroes relive the glory of its illustrious predecessor or is it a sequel that has too much big budgeted comic book frivolities?

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