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The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) Review

A GREAT CHARACTER STUDY AT THE IMPASSE OF FRIENDSHIP   Friends are an important part of everyday life. The intrinsic and intangible ideas of having a platonic relationship with someone (as a camaraderie companion) is beneficial and healthy building block of life, which can result in a major impact on oneself. Essentially, good friendships are good for your health. They

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Paddington 2 (2018) Review

IF WE’RE KIND AND POLITE, THE WORLD WILL BE RIGHT   Back at the beginning of 2015, during the same January opening weekend that Kevin Hart’s comedy film Wedding Ringer and Bradley Cooper’s bio-pic drama American Sniper were released, a little and polite bear made his first big-screen debut with the movie Paddington. First released in November of 2014 in

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In the Heart of the Sea Review

A WHALE OF A TALE (KIND OF)   Call me Ishamel!” comes the famous opening line from Herman Melville’s literary masterpiece Moby Dick. Written back in 1851, Moby Dick (originally called “The Whale” before changing to the more definitve name of Moby Dick) recounts the fictional tale of a sailor (Ishamel) and the obsesse-driven quest of his captain (Ahab) for

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