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Life of the Party (2018) Review

A FLIMSY PASSING GRADE (THAT DOESN’T GRADUTE WITH HONORS)   Actress Melissa McCarthy has become a staple of comedy movies, with being featured in one or two motion pictures a year for several years now. While she does have the necessary acting talents to be in comedic feature film, McCarthy has become known for being both big (rotund) and using

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The Boss Review

THE BOSS FINDS LAUGHS IN AMIDST WEAK STORY AND SCRIPT   Melissa McCarthy has become a staple of recent comedy movies of being both big (rotund) and foul-mouthed throughout her roles and movies. Using 2011’s Bridesmaids as her break-out role, McCarthy has unleashed her “potty” mouth angst to moviegoers everywhere with such hits as 2013s buddy cope movie The Heat

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