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The Menu (2022) Review

A DELECTABLE AND DEVIOUS CINEMATIC DISH   While popular film genres such as action, horror, and comedy are the more dominant categories of feature film classifications, there are a plethora of subgenres out there that help grouping movies that can be pinpointed down into a specific presentation. Perhaps the most interesting one (and peculiar) category would have to be the

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The New Mutants (2020) Review

NOT QUITE WORTH THE LONG WAIT (NOR THE HYPE)   The X-Men has certainly had a bump road throughout its cinematic run on the big screen. The comic book superheroes characters , the long running and beloved Marvel comic book property was brought to Hollywood’s silver screen in 2000, acting as the first well-thought-out and well-executed theatrical feature endeavor from

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Emma (2020) Review

LOVE KNOWS BEST   It’s no secret that Jane Austen’s novels are well beloved classics in the literary world. Truly timeless, Austen’s tales weave together narratives of young ladies during the Victorian era of England; dealing with issues of family and love throughout as well as commonplace themes of social status / class, individualism, politics, morality, and education amongst other

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Playmobil: The Movie (2019) Review

FULL OF DISAPPOINTMENTS!   It’s no wonder that Hollywood would eventually get around to doing a full-length feature film endeavor for several popular (then and now) toy properties for a cinematic treatment. While not truly unheard of, the idea of translating a toy line brand (dolls, action figures, tabletop games, and trading cards, etc.) into a motion picture has a

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