Jurassic World Dominion Official Trailer

Biggier…what do they always go bigger….as Universal Pictures releases the official trailer for the upcoming dinosaur action-adventure sequel Jurassic World Dominion. View trailer below.

The film is set about four years after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, in which genetically engineered dinosaurs were auctioned to companies around the world while others were released on the U.S. mainland.] The story takes place around the world and depicts humans living with dinosaurs

Life finds way…..I’ve quite excited for this movie. This movie has been development for quite some time, so I was quite intrigued to see the first trailer for this upcoming film. And this trailer doesn’t disappoint…. showcasing plenty of great footage that shows off what lies in store of this third entry in the Jurassic World trilogy. Plus, I do like how the film incorporates some of the older characters from the original Jurassic Park trilogy into this new sequel. What lies in store in Dominion is still a mystery. Yet, I still can’t wait to see this movie for a great popcorn summer blockbuster endeavor.

Jurassic World Dominion  arrives in theaters on June 10th, 2022


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