Jason’s Movie Blog Update: On Vacation!

Greetings to all my readers out there! Just like the song goes “All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go!”

Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t posted much in the past week and half. No, I’m quitting my blogging about movies or changing sites or anything like that. Unfortunately, my attention was mostly focused on Hurricane Dorian for past two weeks. Since I live in Florida, I had to keep my daily attention as to Dorian’s project path and make preparations because it was getting dangerous close to where I live. Dealing with the stress of approaching hurricane (and a potential category 5 landfall) will do that to a person. So, my focus on prepping and hoping for the best. Thankfully, Dorian’s path changed and didn’t make a landfall in my area (just passed by) as I got mostly 40 mph winds and a lot of rain. Not as bad as many meteorologists were expecting.

With the worry of Dorian now passed, I turn my attention to a well-deserved rest and relaxation on vacation. Yes, I am going on vacation to my family’s villa (Casa Dare to Dream) in Costa Rica. I’ll be on vacation for two weeks, so I’ll bring my lab top with me and still producing content for my blog. However, while my blog will up and running (doing a couple of movies reviews that I haven’t gotten around earlier this year), current release movie reviews for the next week or two will be limited in my area. The nearby movie theater in Costa Rica has only one screening room and shows mostly major movie release (i.e. there showing IT: Chapter Two down there). I did see that movie before going on vacation, so I will be positing my review of the film in a few days. Rest assured, I will get to see some of the movies I missed when I get back from my vacation.

So….just imagine me here….in paradise for the next two weeks!

I love you guys! 


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